Firelord is a plugin for the game Minecraft using the Bukkit API.

It achieved more than 16000 downloads.

It is developed using Java language.


  • Fire Armor: Grants fire/lava/explosion resistance when you wear the firelord armor (golden helmet, chestplate and leggings).
  • Fire Sword: Grants fire damage when you wear a golden sword.
  • Fire Step: When you wear the golden boots you will set the floor on fire behind you. BE CAREFULL!!
  • NEW!!!! Fire Splash: When you fall from a big place wearing the golden boots, it will create an explosion with an fire expansive wave!!!!!
  • Negate Fall Damage: When you fall from a big place you will not receive damage if you wear the golden boots.
  • Fire Reflect: You will set your enemys on fire when they touch you wearing the firelord armor.
  • Fire Tools: Using the golden tools (axe,shovel,pick) you will get the blocks like if you had a portable furnace!!! Your tool will melt the blocks!!!
  • Configuration File: With the configuration file in the FireLord folder, you will can set on and off all the features with a lot of precision, also you can change the id of the items that triggers the features, for example, do you want firelord powers on iron armor ? change id’s to iron armors ones.
  • Commands: In this version commands will be disabled, will be enabled again in future revisions.

The source code is available in my github:

The official Bukkit page is :